Looking back over the past 2 years, I was just an English illiterate college student who found studying at University extremely demanding since most of the documents were written in English and ,of course, they were all entirely beyond my comprehension. However, my life took a turn for the better when I was provided a priceless chance to attend Edniche English School. I vividly remembered being told on a tiring day that “everything starts from zero, and what is required are consistent effort and determination to be invested in the learning process”. This, it seemed, was an inspiring speech that pushed me to extremes.I went to school on a daily basis with hope of becoming more competent in English and having a brighter future. Although adversities were inevitably encountered along the way to success, with the shared learning environment, comfortable atmosphere,and inspiring and highly experienced teachers, not only have I managed to flourish in my academic life , but I have also acquired a lot of knowledge regarding a vast range of different fields. As a result, after finishing the Guaranteed General English Program (GGEP) in October,2017, I obtained 6.5 for the overall IELTS band score. To thrive, you need three predominant things ” Consistent effort, determination ,and hope ”


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The test fee is 10$. If you take the test online, you can pay via ABA or Wing. 

The placement test can be taken at the school or online. Contact us on telegram with this phone number: 011 455 567 or seach for Edniche Front Office (@ednicheinfo). 

The course fee is to be paid by term or year. Payment has to be made to Edniche through bank transfer, ABA Bank Cambodia. 

We also accept payment through Wing. 

Contact us on telegram for payment instruction with this phone number: 011 455 567 or seach for Edniche Front Office (@ednicheinfo). 

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