2020 Scholarship Announcement

Welcome to 2020 Edniche Scholarship Share on facebook Share this on Facebook Edniche Scholarship is created to provide financial assistance to students who want to study English at Edniche but cannot afford to pay full tuition fees. Our mission is to offer opportunities to as many committed Cambodian learners as we can. We stand strong

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I had never felt I went to the right class until I studied at Edniche at which I found the lessons and the way that the teachers taught me were so effective and enjoyable. I realized that to be able to be proficient was not that complicated as I thought it was.

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First, I wanted to be able to speak English, and it was so challenging to decide which program I should join. My final decision was EGC. After finishing only one term, I know I have built self-confidence to speak in front of my classmates. What I notice is that I become more accurate in pronunciation

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EGC course has helped me become more courageous, and better in English speaking skill. I am so thankful to all teachers who have taught me wholeheartedly.

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Three years ago I never thought about learning English at Edniche language school because it was small and not well-known. After receiving a lot of recommendations from people around me, it proved me how wrong I was about the school. Attending the school, I acquired quality education and attention from the teachers. Learning English was

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Studying English is hard, and studying in a bad environment is even harder. Edniche distinctively provides an enjoyable environment which is suitable for individuals. Moreover, teachers always work closely with students in order to check students’ progress and areas needed to be improved.

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