Before joining Edniche English School, I had completed a General English Program at a well-known institution in Phnom Penh, though my English language proficiency was not as good as I had expected especially reading and writing skills.

I chose Edniche English School when it was just a small school located in just a flat. It was a tough choice for somebody like me who moved from a well-known school to a small one. However, I was satisfied with the quality and the teaching methodology at Edniche. My teachers paid attention to each and every single student in the class and observed everyone’s learning progress. This is surely what all students want. After graduating from the Guaranteed General English Program (GGEP) at Edniche in early 2016, I knew I had improved tremendously and noticeably. As a result, I successfully got an overall band score of 6 in IELTS.

Ean Chhorida

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