Why choose to study English for General Communication?

Pressure Free

Classes are always enjoyable and productive. Less homework, more production. 

Online Practices

Self-study through online practices and games of language skills practices through mobile phone app.

Speak speak speak English

Students come to class to practice speaking every session. 

Small class size

With maximum of 20 students per class, we ensures all students have the chance to speak and receive appropriate attention. 

4 levels of 8 courses with all speaking activities...

EGC is for adult and young adult learners looking to improve their ability to communicate in English.  A perfect balance of challenge and support gradually builds students’ confidence and lets them have real success communicating in English. Students learn best from their own experiences, and EGCencourages them to bring ideas and opinions in to class with personalization activities on every page.


Yes, you need to take placement test. The course is not for complete beginner. 

The test is $10 per take. You will get $10 discount when you enroll in the course. 

Nope. you will study all the four skills, listening, reading, writing and speaking. Though, speaking skills will be the main focus. As the course title is, we place great important on your ability to communicate in English for everyday life. 

Nope, it is not. The differences can be easily understood by looking at the outcome of the class. Our EGC enable you to communicate, that means to both listen and respond well in general situation. 
While a conversation will teach you certain phrases to remember and use, EGC teaches you understand the language and respond accordingly in your ways.  

Course fee is different from one level to another. EGC has only 4 levels, each level is 2 study terms. Fee of each term ranges from $150 to $230. 

The course runs for 10 weeks per term of study. 

We study 1.5 hours per day and 3 days per week for weekday class. Currently, at weekend, we only have Saturday morning class from 8 am to 12 noon. 

Because the exact study schedule changes every term, please come to school to check it personally as we will not post it online.  

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