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Group Discount: 5% – 15% Save

What is “Group Discount?” And Why? It is a discount plan created by Edniche to offer a cost-saving opportunity to all  Edniche students, family, and friends.  Clearly enough, all businesses do marketing. There is always a budget package to spend. If you observe well, Edniche does not carry a robust marketing strategy on both the

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News & Updates

Update: November 2020

Working on the next milestone of edniche.online From the past few months up until now, COVID-19 has taken a toll on almost everyone’s way of life, including schooling and learning. Looking back to March 2020, Edniche launched our first-step online learning platform, myclass.edniche.online, to accommodate our students’ language learning pursuance. We have to admit that

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News & Updates

2020 Scholarship Announcement

Welcome to 2020 Edniche Scholarship Share on facebook Share this on Facebook Edniche Scholarship is created to provide financial assistance to students who want to study English at Edniche but cannot afford to pay full tuition fees. Our mission is to offer opportunities to as many committed Cambodian learners as we can. We stand strong

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How to Enroll

The test fee is 10$. If you take the test online, you can pay via ABA or Wing. 

The placement test can be taken at the school or online. Contact us on telegram with this phone number: 011 455 567 or seach for Edniche Front Office (@ednicheinfo). 

The course fee is to be paid by term or year. Payment has to be made to Edniche through bank transfer, ABA Bank Cambodia. 

We also accept payment through Wing. 

Contact us on telegram for payment instruction with this phone number: 011 455 567 or seach for Edniche Front Office (@ednicheinfo). 

After payment, please complete the registration form. Click here


  • Apply to Blended and Virtual Learning enrollment
  • Terms and Conditions may apply
  • An additional 10% discount is offered to all annual payment of Blended and Virtual Learning. 
  • Terms and conditions may apply. 

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