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Edniche Scholarship provides financial assistance to students who want to study English at Edniche but need help paying tuition fees. We aim to offer opportunities to as many committed Cambodian learners as possible. We believe that being genuinely proficient in the English language gives Cambodian people a higher chance of succeeding academically and socially.

General conditions:

  • The student must maintain satisfactory academic progress and performance, with a final term grade of A or B.
  • We offer a scholarship based on the quality of your essay and video.
  • The scholarship is offered in two categories. You may apply in both categories, though only one will be awarded.
  • The scholarship offered covers only the tuition fee for the course. It does not cover the placement test fee, books, or an official IELTS test fee upon graduation.

Application deadlines

30 April 2024

Essay Contest
Video Contest


No, you do not. We do not compare your writing with anyone. When you write, pay attention to the content, coherence and cohesion, and the accuracy of the language use and writing. 

Students can choose to study in the below courses:

  1. English for General Communication (EGC)
  2. Guaranteed General English Program (GGEP)



Help build adequate foundation English proficiency, enabling students to pursue their future endeavors.


Enable adult and young adults to start and improve their ability to generally communicate in English.

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