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8 Jan, 2020

Why GGEP at Edniche?

IELTS 6+ Guarantee

After successfully finishing level 16 of GGEP, students are guaranteed to attain at least an overall band score of 6 in IELTS.

Small Class

Each class has only 15 students or less. That allows teacher to pay attention well on students' learning progress.

Qualified Teachers

All teachers are bachelor's degree holders with at least IELTS 7 couple with necessary teaching experiences.

Paid IELTS Test

With no extra payment required, students can sit for an official IELTS test to signify their English proficiency after passing level 16.

Online Practice

Students have personal account to practice language points virtually in addition to in-class participation.

Effective Curriculum

Designed for Cambodian students, the curriculum has been proven sufficient by the result of our graduates.

Our Students say

Chea ThearySnguon

My first and main purpose of choosing Edniche English School is to improve my only poor writing skills. After getting through the hard time, I got a fruitful result and …

Ean Chhorida

Before joining Edniche English School, I had completed a General English Program at a well-known institution in Phnom Penh, though my English language proficiency was not as good as I …

Yim Maleap

I chose Edniche English School because its curriculum promises quality and Edniche guarantees that I will get at least 6 in IELTS when I finish its Guaranteed General English Program …

“We envision Cambodian acquiring maximum benefits from regionalization and globalization ”

Edniche's vision

Quick Fact



  • B2: Upper-intermediate

EP 15 - 16

  • B1: Intermediate

EP 9 - 14

  • A2: Elemenary

EP 5 - 8

  • A1+: Basic

EP 2 - 4

  • A1: Beginner

EP 1


3 Easy steps



Take placement test



Choose study time



Pay to enroll


You first need to take placement test. The test is $10. We give $10 discount at enrollment when you decide to enroll. 

Each placement test result is valid for 6 months only. 

There are 16 levels for the whole program. Each level is one term of study. The fee ranges from $220 to $290 per term per level. 

The course fee excludes the coursebooks which are to be purchased separately at enrollment. No copied books allowed. 

Yes, except when it is the EXIT level which means you are about to move up the from A1 to A1+, for example. 

Other wise, you can skip the level when your end of term progress report shows satisfactory result. Please consult with your teacher. 

We study 1.5 hours per day and 5 days per week. Our earliest class starts from 11:30 am . There are two shifts in the evening, 5:15-6:45 pm and 6:45 to 8:15 pm.

The detail schedule changes every term. It is always best to come to school and check as we will not post it online. 


Well, after paying the school fee, students have two weeks (10 class-days) counting from the class starting date to complete the suspension form. Then your already paid school fee will be carried over to the next term. Or else, you will have to pay a complete full fee to return. 

Without or without valid school fee payment of the term, students are allowed to suspend for only ONE term of study to return to the same level of study.

New placement test is to be taken to return after suspending longer than one term of study.

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