I like the fact that I cannot procrastinate with my task. The teacher is always there to push the students. Even with after-class assignment, my teacher regularly follow up to make sure we are able to get it done correctly. My experience at Edniche is challenging, but it is how I can remarkably improve my

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Cleverness is never enough to achieve the wanted band score in IETS. Being ready is even more important. There are many choices but Edniche is recommended, comfortable place and welcoming instructor.

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I did not only study English at Edniche, but also how to communicate, work as team, and build confidence. Edniche also provides a great study environment, excellent teaching programs, and professional teachers.

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I think that EGC is a good course.Though I have been spending only one morning a week to study,my English skills have improved. And I feel I am so lucky to be one of the students of this course. Besides English, I have also improved my confidence, time management, communication, and general knowledge.

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I had not understood the utter necessity of acquiring standardized English proficiency until I attended Edniche English School. Throughout my whole experience studying there, Edniche encouraged me to achieve more in English. I was able to successfully obtain a band score of 7.5 on my IELTS test thanks to the welcoming environment, tailored curriculum as

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Primarily, it was undoubtedly my pleasure to be able to learn my English at Edniche, an academic center that allowed me to put my skills and knowledge into practice. Caring teachers, effective teaching methods and comfortable classroom environment in common are some contributing factors that encouraged me to faithfully keep on pursuing my desired goals. As a result, I got a satisfactory overall IELTS test score and learnt to be a better individual.

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