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  • Here are your answers:
  • 1. I am a complete beginner and want to start from ABC.
  • 2. I want to prepare for IELTS test.

Course(s) you should take:

  • English for Beginner (EB)
  • Guaranteed General English Program (GGEP)
  • IELTS Preparation Course (IELTS)

Our Advice:

  1. You need EB because this is the course for a beginner. It will help you start quickly and confidently. 
  2. GGEP then helps you build a solid foundation in the English language. GGEP guarantees you graduate with at least IELTS 6. You may continue until you finish GGEP and be offered an official IELTS free-of-charge, or you can switch to IELTS preparation at EP 9. 
  3. IELTS preparation course build your test-taking skills. No guarantee of the IELTS band score you will achieve, nor is the test fee covered. 

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