Wait for our sms

We have your contact number. We will send a message with fee calculation so you can pay correctly.

Kindly add our Telegram official account as your contact. 

Fee Payment Instruction


  1. Go to any Wing booth.
  2. Use the coupon code you received as your ID.
  3. Pay to the school’s Wing account 9128. You do not need to pay any service fee.
  4. Take a photo of the receipt and send it to the school’s facebook page or telegram.
  5. Wait for our confirmation.


  1. Go to ABA mobile app.
  2. Click transfer > transfer to any ABA Account
  3. Fill in the information.
    Edniche’s account number: 000816512 (Edniche Center)
    Remark: the 6 digits coupon code you received in your message
  4. Screenshot the after-transaction and send to Edniche’s Facebook page or Telegram.
  5. Wait for our confirmation.

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